Helio 2009 Indy 500 victory movement release from era to come

(Editor’s Note: Since Helio Castroneves is trying to make history on May 29 as the first Indy 500 winner, NBC Sports will review its previous four victories at Indianapoli Motor Speedway and explore how each race was memorable and unique for each mile driver., series or track — and sometimes for all tribe. The streak started with the triumphant return of Roger Penske to IMS and * Castroneves on national consciousness for the first time May 27, 2001. Part II was a controversial goal On May 26, May 2002, the outcome was fully analyzed five weeks after the standard variance. Part 3 is about Castroneves’s triumphant return on May 24, 2009, which comes barely a month after he was acquitted on federal tax evasion charges)

INDIANAPOLIS – Cathartica is the only way to mark Helio Castroneves’ third Indy 500 victory, which is an extraordinary 18-month record, and is now down.

He started with a “Dancing with the Stars” win in November 2007, which landed him on the national magazines’ gig as Red Reporter Entertainment Tonight and the phone number of fellow celebrity contestants Wayne Newton, Mark Cuban and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

But almost a year later, life as one of the leaders of the transcendental world came to a screeching halt when Castroneves was announced (along with his sister and lawyer) on Oct. 2 conspiracy to defraud the US government.

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In addition to 35 years in prison, Castroneves has also had all professional reports cut off against charges.

“Oh my God, it was really, really hard not running,” he said in a 2009 interview with USA TODAY Sports. “Six months will kill you right away. It’s not like you’re getting ready or planning to retire or maybe do something else. Actually that’s it. Boom. It was shocking to me.”

Penske team president Tim Cindric said he had gone six months without a director.

“We were completely disengaged,” Cindric told NBC Sports. “We were able to have conversations with him. There were two things we needed to do with various agents to acquire information about them. I had to be neutral on that and go through the depositions. It was a really difficult time.

“I’ve seen this man with the most formidable heights, and then all this tax escape situation comes up. I had to go to Miami and sit at the other side of the table and answer all of these questions to this man who was like my brother. He’s been dining with one of my best friends to this day. You’re sitting there, “Man, if he’s guilty, you think that’s the worst thing ever.” “

Almost everything Castroneves left empty as soon as possible, his life almost returned to normal since he was acquitted on 17 April 2009 as the first Grand Prix practice of Long Beach with Will Power in Castroneves’ bare minimum car (after being replaced by Australia in the open season).

Castroneves flew from court in Miami to Penske while he was in Southern California. Back in the car on Saturday morning on Long Beach. Castroneves crashed into a qualified but led three laps and finished seventh, although he barely finished sitting in the cockpit for six months.

Early in May, it went much lighter at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Castroneves qualified third in pole position, taking a career-best 66 runs of 1,982 seconds over Dan Wheldon for a $3 million payday.

“It was probably the happiest day of his life, and it’s still there,” Cindric said. “To go from where it was from bottom to bottom, that third race, one of the coolest days I’ve ever seen. It was amazing to see Adrian and his family and sister, to visit during the whole season. It was a wonderful sight.

With the IndyCar Series last year into its unification and a lot of competition from the annual contest elimination that Indy’s annual narrative clouded over twelve years ago, IMS its “I was the centenary” opened noting the 100-year anniversary of its 1909 opening (with the motorcycle race).

“For months I had the extra ambiance around the race,” said Cindric. “Helio has had a lot of traditions surrounding him. As great as Indy knows.

Some moments and vignettes are added to Castroneves’ tumultuous year and a half;

STADIUM: Castroneves led the first seven laps before giving up points to teammate Ryan Briscoe and Chip Ganassi Racing drivers Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti.

But after Dixon retired the first time in Turn 1 on lap 142 by passing, Castroneves did not lose the lead again. REfforts to steer the circleCastoneves stopped in front of a family member to climb the fence to greet supporters, who “during this difficult time … and did not stop sending important messages”.

The Brazilian had to settle for a few minutes after the victory. “When I’m still on the lap of victory, I usually cry,” he said. “Yes, guys cry and celebrate. And at this time I have no words, let it alone. That last lap was a special moment. … I think I speak for all my tears.

STEP LEFT: Castroneves profiled significantly during his “Dance of the Stars” run in fall 2007. While in Phoenix for the NASCAR test, Cindric attended the show.

“I’m so impressed with his work ethic on this show and how well it was received by everyone on the set,” said Cindric. “He went up at 5 or 6 in the morning to make a radio station in the East, and then after dinner with a lively dress rehearsal band, he followed along another walk. The third is a true spectacle. It’s a full day.

“Every person who intervened when — in clothing, food, and shoes — could not speak of him as much as all the others. Everyone knew that midgets had come. He’s finished under 10s that night, then did TV interviews, then he’s had extra energy in LA from 5 in the morning to midnight. I was amazed.”

Castroneves was imprisoned for receiving a hug, not only after his first two Indy 500 wins, mainly because his exposure was limited by government-united tobacco control restrictions.

“He always wanted to be in the game, and he couldn’t do much for Los Gatos,” said Cindric. He had the nickname “Spider-Man” (from behind the fence to defeat him) because he couldn’t play as a kid and would look at cigarettes. Couldn’t do TV commercials.

“He was always disappointed when he wasn’t becoming more mainstream, and “Hopped at the Stars” gave him a lot of opportunities. At that time, Team Penske already had a Marlboro car.”

DRIVER REPLACEMENT: When a decision of two months was made known to abolish the case, Castorneves was ready for the season opening in 2009 at St. Louis. Petersburg, Florida, has begun preparing the team’s contingencies.

Roger Penske conducted conferences in his Detroit office, including Will Power, Justin Wilson, Sebastien Bourdais and a few other applicants.

“The one that stood out was the willingness to accept any situation,” Cindric said. “I would drive one day, one year, one race,” he said. Which ever.’ Some of these guys had conditions. We go all over the place with flexibility and respect for Elijah’s condition.

Power made his Penske debut by starting and ending sixth, but Castroneves was there in spirit as the team helms Castroneves and put the gloves on from his first tie against the Detroit Lions at No. 3 at the beginning of the grill.

Penske rewarded Virtue for his loyalty by qualifying for the third time in the Indy 500 and four more races in 2009. Although his broken-back season ended in a crash at Sonoma, he won Power in Edmonton and came back in 2010. for Penske full time, aiming for the 2014 and 2018 Indy 500 championship.

BEACH SCRAP: With two minutes left in practice Friday in the streets of Long Beach, Cindric’s handwriting was delivered by Staffer Penske Castroneves to all counts.

The team had already decided on a third entry into the field, if Castroneves was exempted from time to time;

“Have you ever asked (on the radio) ‘What’s going on?’ In practice,” said Cindric. “I said, “Do you want good news or bad news? We’re P1, but before you get in here, Helio has been found guilty of all kinds of lawsuits. You’re good news for P1, bad news for another car tomorrow.”

“Overnight, we changed him to the chariots and crewmen. We had a waiting plane in Miami for the Helio and its uniform and we had everything in it. Immediately he departed from the court to the lifeboat. He went out of prison and began to spend the night in his life.

LIGHT packingAfter being emotionally exhausted during the trial, Castroneves began to cry as he rode open-handle convertible drivers to his early days on Long Beach.

“It was amazing how many people were celebrating “Here Comes Back”, it doesn’t matter if Ganassi, AGR, or Danish were wearing a shirt, he said in 20090. “That was something I wanted. it was never felt, nor was it difficult that they were so sincere. I was like I’m crying again and I can’t help but be ready.’

“During the last week (of the trial), I was very tired. I was weak and unable to control my emotions anymore. Home is of course.”

While running for the weekend on the road with many of his friends whom he had worked for in Hollywood, Castroneves was not equipped to meet social gatherings. Cindric said that the charioteer had slept in his hearth, because he only brought his clothes to him.

“I just wanted to go through the whole two days,” Castroneves said.

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