Helio Castroneves hoping to win SRX ride leads in Daytona 500

Justin Marks’ own mother heard the rumor and her son, owner of Trackhouse Racing, would try if SRX winner Helio Castroneves was running the Daytona 500 on the NASCAR team.

That would be a logical place for a four-time Indianapolis 500 winner who wanted to give a NASCAR school. Don Hawk, the first-year CEO of Experience Racing Superstar, said that if Castroneves had won one of the all-star races this summer, Hawk would help Castroneves get a start in NASCAR.

well Castroneves won the SRX opener last Saturday nightand Hawk’s phone lines burned.

Trackhouse Racing announced last month “Project91” to help international drivers enter NASCAR races. Retired Formula One driver Kimi Raikkonen is scheduled for the first August road race at the start of August at Watkins Glen.

“My job represents the side of Castroneves,” Hawk said. “The phone calls are made, the ball is turned on. We’re not prepared to say the whole lot publicly. But the ball rolls on. It all depends on how this procedure is developed, whether we look at more than one nation, or optional races.

“The design was originally designed to really run the Daytona 500, it was a crown jewel. So we’re really planning to accomplish the Daytona 500.”

Thanks to the Trackhouse programs, speculation immediately turned to Project91 as a safe haven for Castroneves. He won four times in Indiana, 24 in Rolex Daytona and twice in the IMSA Sports Car championship, but Roger Penske could never convince him to shot in NASCAR.

The notes told Associated Press that he did not speak to Hawk about Castroneves, but “my mom wove me up and asked, “Are you talking with Helio?”

Castroneves doesn’t know what Hawk does he can do, but the hardest thing about stepping into the Daytona 500 this year is next year. He’ll be 47 years old when the “Big American Race” rolls around next February and now drives for Meyer Shank Racing’s IndyCar team that will keep him out of his career. does not prohibit.

“I have been driven with Roger Penske for so many years, and have not been able to get an opportunity there. Now I have the opportunity to contract, why not, why not try something that I never did,” Castroneves said. “At this point I try SRX, IMSA, IndyCar. It will be very natural to experience something that I have always wanted (to do) that was NASCAR.

“I know it is hard, but hey, who knows, you can never expect to see how amazing things are in running. Hopefully I get it with Don and be on the Daytona 500 for sure.

Part of Tony Stewart’s hope to create an SRX next year has been to find other opportunities by helping drivers and working hard during his inaugural season. Ernie Francis Jr., a seven-time class champion in the Trans Am Series; Penske caught his eye when he won the SRX race in Indiana and will ride full time at this year’s Indy Lights Series.

Turning the Castroneves SRX victory into the Daytona 500 will be the biggest payoff for this season’s design to date.

The last part of Castroneves’ peace with the Hawk is that next Saturday night at Five Flags Speedway in Florida, where the SRX had the idea, Castroneves was arguing. Its participation is built around six Saturday nights on the IndyCar sheet, and mistake about Castroneves’ participation in the opening race.

He was already being attacked by a plane in Pensacola when the SRX was discovered Friday night, though he didn’t know he was coming. SRX had cars available–the aforementioned series, all cars were equally prepared for stellar drivers from the multiple curriculum formulas-and the Castroneves one had to be ready when it arrived.

“It shows you that the 16 cars we have provided are truly what we say are equal to the cars. That car was not even to be run and conquered,” Hawk said. He began to wound in battle, and conquered. There’s so many things in the right direction. We had four spare cars, you could just insert each of them into your seat, and we’re good to go.

SRX races are housed on CBS tonight Saturday at Boston Southern Speedway in Virginia. Peyton Sellers, a native of Danville, Virginia, and six-time Boston South champion, entered the field at the “finger” weekly.

“This opportunity was one of the most important things I could do,” said Sellers. “I had the opportunity to run a 2005 Rolex 24 in Daytona. I had the opportunity to run a Xfinity car in Indiana. I race at Daytona, Talladega, and a lot of them on the track. We’ve got talent for drivers, it’s great to have the caliber of cars on the SRX. With the caliber of the program, SRX installed you have to ask that part of it is truly timely.”

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