IndyCar is finally getting its own docuseries, partnering with VICE, The CW for the lead up to the Indy 500

of years IndyCar looking for partners in the written behind-the-scenes documents, multiple levels and numerous suitors, who have reached the end of the two circles of ownership.

And Marcus Miles couldn’t be happier.

On Thursday, Penske Entertainment Corp. announced the partnership with IndyCar The CW Network and VICE Media Group to six episodes, the radio series at the time called ‘100 days to Indy’, with the final episode, which reaches its peak with the speed of the drama around 107th* The race for the Indianapolis 500 on May 28. Both have yet to complete an episode, in addition to this spring’s scheduled series, when Miles, president and CEO of Penske Entertainment, told IndyStar in an exclusive interview that the final season will be over. Saturday after D^.

IndyCar has announced that a six-episode documentary will be produced largely by VICE and will air on The CW this spring around the lead-up to the 2023 Indy 500.

IndyCar has announced that a six-episode documentary will be produced largely by VICE and will air on The CW this spring around the lead-up to the 2023 Indy 500.

VICE, a multi-platform global media company, will produce six 60-minute episodes in partnership with Penske Entertainment to be directed by Patrick Dimon, who most recently directed the eight-part Netflix series on the 2022 PGA Tour, which won three Emmys in 2020. He has worked on his work on ’24/7 with Kelly Slater’ and on HBO’s ‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.’ The CW, the nation’s fifth-largest broadcast network, will air episodes in its prime-time slot on VICE TV with various streaming options to access CW Life and on-demand content also available to cable subscribers.

“For many years we’ve had serious discussions with almost every type of sports media, and sitting here today, I’m glad we didn’t pull the trigger until now,” Miles told IndyStar. “This approach gives us an immediacy that will give us a benefit in the first half of the 2023 championship season, which we care a lot about, rather than sending and buying and taking months to get the final product in front of people.

“And NBC is pleased that it’s in front of a younger, more diverse audience than we have today, and it’s giving them an opportunity to not only enjoy IndyCar, but an opportunity to hopefully watch us. We are a partner of existing linear streams.

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Recently, Nexstar Media Group purchased a 75% ownership stake in The CW to acquire the broadcast network and add to its existing arrangements of 200 local radio stations that reach nearly 70% of US households. Sean Compton, president of Nexstar Networks, is an Indianapolis native who told Miles that he has attended more than 30 Indy 500s.

“(The CW) will tell you first that it’s not as big as the other four networks (ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox), but they’re going to be more aggressive in trying to grow their audience through their own. programming,” Miles said. “Sean can tell you that this is one of the first forays into something new in their regular programming, and they’re looking forward to a lot of effort in it.

Above all in the research process, Miles said, it was important to distinguish ‘100 Days to Indy’ from Formula 1’s viral ‘Drive to Survive’ show that airs at the end of each season and tells the story of the latest championship while the personalities, successes and spats behind the scenes in Bringing light to the top of the world’s motor transport. In the same vein, Penske Entertainment wanted to be sure, it is equally different from NASCAR’ Race for the CHAMPIONSHIP’, a 10-episode series entitled that the series of race cars during this year’s 10-round battle series through the partnership with one series’ sporadic partners NBC.

With this method not to be weekly and also patients with the progress of time, Miles and Jonathan Gibson, Penske Corp. president of marketing and business development, told IndyStar that episodes of ‘100 Days to Indy’ can be focused on when they are not. they are focused solely on the action on the track, the lives of the drivers and members of the team and the approach and ebb and flow of the first season and allow to run to the 500 and chart the course for which the series is developed.

“From a timing perspective, we wanted to be relevant in the moment, when the timing was done,” Gibson said. “And we wanted to be unique around the road to the biggest sports event in the world, the Indy 500. That gives us the opportunity to tell that story and the build-up to it, through the first five races, is really an institution. decisive, and all the time and effort from the track that they impose on drivers and teams.

Thursday’s order caps an inquiry that lasted through Milos’ notable tenure as a top IndyCar executive, including while he served at the end of the George Hulman family’s ownership. Although talks with various companies took place well before Roger Penske came into the fold as the newest owner of IndyCar, the deal with VICE and The CW marks a major victory for the Corp. Penske Entertainment has come under fire recently for, among other things, its lack of energy and marketing investment. In addition to innovations with series partners that preceded the Penske takeover (NTT, Gainbridge and NBC) return from * race weekend that has long been in IndyCar Staples (Iowa) and inking a deal to a * A new street style in 2019 that has been in the conversation for years (Nashville)Known as ‘100 Days to Indy’, Penske is arguably the biggest IndyCar drive to be driven solely by new ownership.

Roger Penske makes his way through the pit lane on Friday, May 27, 2022, before the start of practice on Carb Day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Roger Penske makes his way through the pit lane on Friday, May 27, 2022, before the start of practice on Carb Day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“We are making other investments that we are not talking about today in increasing our investment in the market next year, but this is a new and real success in some time we have been working for a long time,” Miles said. “To be announced to us is a really important day. We execute and promote the hell out of it and do everything we can, but let’s say we’re about 98% of everything we’re going to do next year.

Although saying that ‘100 days to Indy’ is not guaranteed to be a multi-season series, Milo noted that there is a chance that the episode will continue this past year around the Greatest Show in Racing if it proves successful. “Or they could go up,” he said. “None of these are silver bullets. Not all shows are home runs, but the guys have great tracks, and we want to see what they can do and what they put into it.

“They tell us, ‘If a driver wants to know how to become a star on this show, tell them to win the first three years of the race.’

This article first appeared in the Indianapolis Star: IndyCar lands deal for documentary on 2023 Indy 500 with CW, Vice .

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