Serena Williams’ return to Wimbledon ends with dramatic defeat against Harmony Tan

Williams, who looks to be in tight standing with his family for the first time in goals leveling in second on Center Court, equates to his 23rd position in seven of his magnificent titles.

She was in third on the loose, but Tan showed her resilience in fighting as a youthful pin-by-tie in the final.

Asked whether the final match was unique to the long, illustrious curriculum, Williams said that she was “unable to answer that question.”

“Who knows when I pop up?” he added.

Williams played the first competitive par- for almost a year at Eastburn next week, with Ons Jabeur sharing a doubled event. The pair reached the semifinals, but had to withdraw after Jabeur sustained a knee injury.

On Tuesday, he made his expected return to the individual, one year away from not giving up in his last first-round match at Wimbledon.

The momentum between the two players in the course of three hours and 10 minutes was changed first in Tan’s favor while the van dipped first, then Williams flew in second.

It looked like forty years ago Williams would win by deciding to win, but it wasn’t going to be a memorable return.

Tan broke back to 5-5, and, although not converting the match point to 6-5, did not go astray when he had another chance in joining.

Harmony Tan showed resilience during a dramatic upset victory over Serena Williams.

Ranked 115 in the world, Tan playing in his first match at the Dukes Wimbledon and ninth in all wide slams.

“When I saw him pull, I really was afraid,” he said after the match. “It’s Serena Williams – it’s a play. I was like, ‘Oh my god, how can I play?’ And if I can win one game or two games, it’s really good for me.

Under the lights at Center Court, Tan did more comfortably than one of the biggest athletes the sport has ever seen.

“First for Wimbledon – it’s wow. Just wow,” he added, attempting to find words to express his feelings.

It remains unclear whether this was the last of William at Wimbledon. Asked if his lieutenant would sum up at the tournament, he was succinct, if not less.

“I’m on the grass,” he said, “pretty solid.” “Perhaps not today, but one of those solid enough.”

Nadal, Swiatek advance

On Tuesday at the Sports Center Court this year were victories over French Open champions Rafael Nadal and Iga Swiatek.

Nadal, a two-year winner at Wimbledon, survived panic as he beat Francesco Cerundolo 6-4 6-3 3-6 6-4, while he started the 23rd grand title, while Swiatek made it a 36 consecutive victory by beating him. Jana Fett 6-0 6-3.

Nadal, who missed the tournament last year due to an injury, received a hot reception at Center Court, where he was warmly approved by Cerundolo of Argentina.

Nadal, on his return, arrives against Cerundolus.

The Spaniard looked to finish the game with a 2-0 victory and the break was in the third line, but it drew Cerundolo swinging free with a double to the set gap.

The competition was looking forward to voting with the world No. He broke 41 in the fourth, only for Nadal to keep his best until the end and seal the double break.

Swiatek, meanwhile, dominated the first set against Fett in their first encounter at the French Open, but had to overcome a slow second in the season with Fett nearly winning a double.

The top seed recovered from the fleeting start to the set and rebounded five games in a row, increasing to 36 winning matches.

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